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Desert Sky Fireworks
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See’em before you buy’em is our motto. At  Desert Sky Fireworks we know that there are many fireworks to choose from. That’s why we create and share videos of our products.  We want you to experience the quality of a Desert Sky Firework before committing.New this year, we have tablets or TV monitors in each tent to showcase our product videos!

Desert Sky Fireworks

We created Desert Sky Fireworks to be a little bit different.

We started Desert Sky Fireworks nine years ago with one simple premise: Great, fun fireworks at a great price. We’ve grown quite a bit since then, but that guiding principle hasn’t changed. Today we have a whole range of fireworks that we have chosen using feedback from customers like you. We’re happy you’re here and we’ll see you under one of our tents!

We work hard to get to know the fireworks, so you know what you are buying!

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“A quality brand fireworks at an impressively great price.”


“Dude, Nice Fireworks.”

-David M.

“We love Desert Sky Fireworks Fireworks, great selection. ”

-Bill D.

Fireworks University

Take the guess work of buying fireworks. See what they do before you buy. ​ But don’t worry, we have taken the time place videos of the fireworks online. As a result, You can see them before you buy the. Check out our YouTube page.
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