Ballerinas Ball Fireworks Fountain


Ballerinas Ball Fountain ,A rotating fountain on fun packed with stars, silver chrysanthemum, golden pines in the middle of an awesome spinning red and silver fountain. Finale is a huge burst of silver chrysanthemums. Last approximately 85 seconds.

Ballerinas Ball  Fireworks Fountain

Ballerinas Ball – Round, round baby round, round. Ballerina  will spin you  a great show of fireworks.  In addition displays a Huge Shower of sparks.  Along with  silver chrysanthemum effects,  sharp golden pines in the middle to huge spinning red silver fountain. Finale finish of full bursting of color  spinning around and around . Moreover, Ballerina Ball is a very fine fountain and not like any of firework on the market. If you are looking for fireworks that different for the neighbors, this is the one for you. Check out the VideoFireworks Tent Near You.

Its full of stars, Ballerinas Ball Fountain is a GREAT 500 gram fountain, The fountain is not like any other fountain your neighbors would have,. If your looking to show this would be a great choice. The fountain does need a lot of space. The fountain lats on average 85 seconds.


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