Bees in a Thicket Fireworks Fountain


Bees in a Thicket Fountain by Shogun Fireworks is all the buzz. Lighting this “beehive” of a fountain sets off a golden cloud of buzzing angry bees. Colorful moving stars make for a awesome shoe of swarming flying beess with the buzz sounds to match. Ends with an eruption of multicolored bumblebees showing you what they have, A nice fountain that is gives high quality show in vivid colors. Fully stocked in all Fireworks Tents in Arizona

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Bees in a Thicket Fireworks Fountain is amazing.  A family favorite, out families ask for the fountain year after year. We always sale out every season. Moreover, it made by Shogun Fireworks. Shogun make the best fireworks. Additionally, The fountain is packed with fireworks effects.

Bees in a Thicket Fireworks Fountain is packed with fireworks effects. The effects are numerous, they range from vivid colors  bees to palm chrysanthemums. The finally is packed full  with  blue crackling flowers  purple rain; green rain, color fish , grape flowers,  green blue crackling flower. Bees in a Thicket is highly recommended fountain. An awesome show that has been a family favorite for years. Check out the video.


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