Spartan Scream Fireworks Fountain


“This is Sparta !!! “,  This 500g fountain kicks off with some super loud screams. If your looking to get attention, than this fountain is perfect. The dogs in the neighborhood will not be happy with you.  The fountain runs intense hot and loud.  Spartan Scream offers a full spectrum of effects. Silver fountain, pine needles, strobes, spring flowers, Chrysanthemum flowers  and much more. The show runs 2:30 minutes. avg.


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Spartan Scream A Great Block Party Fountain

Spartan scream  is super  loud and intense fountain from Winda Fireworks.  A full package fountain with great loud show.  The show includes  Tri-flower chrysanthemum, silver fountain, pine needles, strobes, spring flowers, whistles, various colors of pearls and a loud crisp loud  intense hot crackle finale! See video of Spartan Scream before you buy it.

500 g Fountain

Winda Fireworks

See Spartan Scream Fountain in Action
Spartan Scream by Wind Fireworks


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